7 December 2007

This stunning green vinyl is a new release Fungus of Terror DRX-002 - Black Sash out today from defective records. This is the compilation featuring the Mushroom PPL track by Solar X, and it is based on samples from the classic Japanese horror movie Matango. Other tracks are from Black Shash, Tipsy and Snakeoiler. Tracklist:

Fungus of Terror DRX-002

  • Mushroom Side
    • Fungus of Terror - Black Sash
    • Mushroom PPL - Solar X
  • Other Side
    • Matango! - Tipsy
    • Attack of the Mushroom People - Snakeoiler
12 May 2006

Defective records has just put most of their back catalogue available digitally for downloads at all the websites (iTunes, Napster, eMusic). The latter has 50 free downloads offer right now. So, you can get hold of the rare old releases (such as this or this) now in mp3 form officially.
10 May 2006

Solar X will be playing live at several nice places. Check out the gigs page for details.
7 February 2006

New release is out on February 13, 2006 on hymen records. This limited edition compilation "travel sickness" will come in an extra heavy wooden box and will contain eight cds from eight artists: lusine icl, lowfish, gridlock, psi spy, snog, hecq, mad ep and solarx. Here is the tracklist of cd2:

cd2. solarx [masters of meanders]

  1. tetraxedron (4:44)
  2. pa de deux de baboon (4:18)
  3. hot chocolate for dandy marshall (3:57)
  4. sasquatch of sherwood (4:39)
  5. closely oxe (4:18)
More information in the official press release.
23 November 2005

The 'official' website solarx.net has now the official mailing list and even RSS news feed! Here we'll post unofficial news, such as this: there is a rumour that a new records coming out soon. Also, there is a new release on Art-Tek by a new artist and more is coming soon. Check it out!
15 October 2005

Solar X will be playing at a Bug Klink event in Belgium. More info is here.
28 July 2005

Watch the new Russian Roulette video from the defective records site. Also available here.
4 June 2005

Some photos from the 555 party at Elektrowerkz (London 05/05/05) with global goon, solar x, richard devine, venetian snares, mira calix.
21 May 2005

It's been revealed that Roman was collaborating with Christopher Monks on a new video for the Russian Roulette track. Chris, who worked on visual effects for the Star Wars Episode III and Van Helsing, shot the video in suburbs of London showing Roman and Chris playing the psycho game with a revolver.
23 April 2005

Election day in UK will be celebrated by a special event at Electrowerkz club in London with 5 live acts from Venetian Snares, Richard Devine, Solar X, Mira Calix and Global Goon. Read here for more information.